Zara Home’s New Collection Is All Feathers & Horses

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It’s fall. At least it has been in my eyes for a while now. I waited and waited for the summer to show up and finally I just gave up and started preparing for my favourite season.

If you’re anything like me, you have a fall wardrobe, a summer wardrobe and then a wardrobe that is kind of in between. This is my favourite one, the one I call the “perfect wardrobe” – fabrics light and breathable enough I can get away with wearing in the summer, yet luxurious and thick enough to layer in the winter.

Zara Home’s new collection is like that third year-round wardrobe. Called the  Feathers and Horses collection, it’s inspired by some of the historical traditions and imagery associated with North America. Although I can’t say some of the wilder and riskier pieces of the collection, in which eagles, feline prints and horns take the spotlight will all make it into my space anytime soon, I’ve already fallen in love with a lot of it.

I find the collection sophisticated and very eclectic; with enough playfulness to spark conversation, yet the sprinkling of old school suiting fabrics, cable knits and simple paisleys and pinstripes make it classic. Picture equestrian meets safari, meets luxe.

Here are a few of my favourites from Feathers and Horses, tell me what you think below:


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