Month: October 2014

Hauntingly Awesome Décor Finds

Join me as I get into the Halloween spirit (my favourite holiday by the way), but not in the traditional sense. Decorating for the holidays doesn’t have to mean pumpkins, cobwebs and soon tiny elves and glitter. There is a way to decorate for the […]

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Décor That Talks Back

Indecisive? Need a daily burst of motivation to kick start your day? Simply like words to live by that encourage not discourage? All the above? Here are some of my favourite motivational sayings that keep me going every morning. Maybe they’ll inspire you in your […]

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Toronto in 7 Hidden Bites

Food is often the tie that binds us, and Toronto has found the way to my heart – through my stomach! There’s just the right amount of options to please. And being so culturally diverse, good quality ethic treats are usually close by. But it’s […]

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Fashion Trend: It’s A Wrap

Bathrobe look-a-like or not, the wrap coat is not going anywhere, especially this season. Every designer is doing it. Whether belted or double breasted, hooded or leather trimmed, this staple flatters everyone and will keep you looking adorable while battling the winter temperatures (well maybe […]

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How To Say Thank You

Call me old fashion, I don’t care. Nothing says “thank you,” but really says thank you like a handwritten card. Yes, e-cards are great and all, but a printed card says that you’ve taken time out of your day to stop and really think about […]

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