Toronto in 7 Hidden Bites

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Food, Lifestyle, Toronto

Food is often the tie that binds us, and Toronto has found the way to my heart – through my stomach! There’s just the right amount of options to please. And being so culturally diverse, good quality ethic treats are usually close by.

But it’s not the 4- and 5-star restaurants that everybody knows about type places I’m referring to. It’s those hidden gems that make Toronto so unique. Everybody has one, a hole in wall or family run dive that you want to tell everyone about, but also want to keep all for yourself all at the same time. They might not even be that nice to look at from the outside, but they all have one common thread – good food.

Here’s 7 of my hidden gems you may or may not know about:


  • For HAKKA go to China Cottage (80 Ellesmere Road)
  • For GREEK, especially gyros go to Messini (445 Danforth Avenue)
  • For ITALIAN like your Nonna (aka grandmother) would make go to Regina Trattoria & Pizzeria (782 College Street)
  • For ITALIAN VEAL got to California Sandwiches – the original one! (244 Claremont Street)
  • For mouth-watering DIM SUM go to New Sky Restaurant (353 Spadina Avenue)
  • For PAKISTANI Lahore Tikka House – the treasure of Little India (1365 Gerrard Street East
  • For Portuguese comfort food Bairrada (1000 College Street)


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