OBSESSED: It Smells Like Canada

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I first came across this fabulous brand online via chapters/Indigo. Have you seen their products? Or should I say smelled them?

I’ve never cared much one way or they other about scented candles, but Smells Like Canada has changed that. (Heads up to my friends and family, you now know what you’ll be getting this Christmas.)

The products are themed after the towns that shape our Canadian landscape, and scents are selected to represent that location – from the earthy airy smell of a field of wheat in Saskatchewan, to the sharp and intense smell of campfires reminiscent of being cottage-bound.

up north

Natalie, who lives in Toronto with her Boston Terrier Molly, is both the company’s Candlemaker and President. She claims “Canada is pretty awesome” (which I tend to agree) and her goal is to capture the emotional connection between scent and memory and link it to the magical place where we live.

All I can say is, well done Natalie, well done!

No matter where you are from in Canada, she’s got a scented candle to help you make your space feel/smell like home wherever you are. A great holiday gift for someone feeling homesick don’t you think?


And wait, there’s more! The company also offers a body care line and does custom stuff, so don’t be afraid to reach out.

SLC soap

Here’s where you can find Smells Like Canada products!


One thought on “OBSESSED: It Smells Like Canada”

  1. I feel that way about a candle named Crepe Mrtyle. It smells like the South to me…and it’s my absolute favorite candle. Its a bit pricey so a splurge. Now I’m curious about these Canada scented candles.


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