A Gift Guide For Littles

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There are so many directions you can take when checking off those little ones from your shopping list. Do I get clothes the parents will appreciate and risk the dreaded sourpuss face? Or do I get a loud, possibly bordering on obnoxious toy the wee ones will love (one that always seems to need AAs, yet never comes with them) and hope the parents don’t secretly hate me every time it starts to boom?

I do realize these are two extremes with plenty of in between, but reality is these two sides to children gifting do exist ( I know, I’ve been on both).

Here’s a gift guide that I think meets perfectly in the middle.

The theme: Give the gift of creativity, something I think everyone can appreciate.

  1. B.Toys Pop-Arty 500 Piece Set, Mastermind Toys $22.99
  2. DUKTIG Toy cash register, IKEA $19.99
  3. Plus-Plus Mini Basic, 600 Pieces, Treasure Island Toys $34.99
  4. The Day The Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt
, Illustrator Oliver Jeffers, Chapters/Indigo $19
  5. Fred Stack-A-Doodle Block Crayons by Fred, Amazon.com $9.28
  6. PS LÖMSK Swivel armchair in orange, IKEA $79.00
  7. Roominate Studio by Roominate, Chapters/Indigo $32.95

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