A Gift Guide For Everyone Else

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Then finally, there is that list of individuals, you know which one. The one with people on it that say things like, “I already have everything I need,” or the one that includes the hardest to shop for office Kris Kringle.

Other than the Techie find (which I absolutely love) I’ve tried to keep my picks at a reasonable “stocking stuffer” price point, perfect for almost anyone on your list.

Starting top left, going counter clockwise:

  • DIYer: DIY Lip Balm Kit by Mary Kearns, Uncommon Goods $40
  • BOOKWORM: Book Lovers’ Scented Soy Candle (8oz), Etsy $17.32
  • CHEF: Use Your Noodle Pot Grips, ModCloth $14.99
  • PHOTOBUG: Polaroid CUBE Action Camera, Urban Outfitters $100
  • PARTY ANIMAL: Put to Reuse Glass Set By One Hundred 80 Degrees, ModCloth $17.99
  • COWORKER: Pour and Shoot Mug, ModCloth $14.99
  • TECHIE: Polaroid CUBE Action Camera, Urban Outfitters $100
  • HEALTH NUT: Flavour It Glass Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser by Ad-N-Art, Amazon.ca $20.95
  • TOURIST: Inflight Comfort Kit, Drake General Store $18

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