It’s Fashionable to be Sanitary

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According to Fast Co. EXIST, only about 5% of Americans actually wash their hands long enough to kill bacteria—and that’s after using a public restroom. It’s possible even fewer people wash well after riding the bus or subway.

If you are as grossed out as me at that statistic, that’s plenty reason to avoid all forms of public transit going forward. But, if avoiding the TTC isn’t an option, there might be a way to lessen your contact with dirty surfaces when soap, water and a sink are not accessible, making taking public transit slightly less gross.

sanitaryAlthough still a concept, designer and student Adem Onalan found a way to minimize almost any contact with dirty surfaces when in public areas by taking the already uber-trendy pocket square and giving it a sanitizing refresh. In his design concept he melds the fashion accessory with hand sanitizer – brilliantly simple right?! Note: Most infectious diseases are spread by touch and can be prevented through basic hand hygiene.

In the Fast Company article Onalan argues, that bringing along hand sanitizer isn’t good enough—because as soon as you reach for it you’re spreading everyone else’s germs all over the bottle of sanitizer and the rest of your bag. “We need a very convenient portable sanitizing product,” he says.

I for one think the idea is genius. So I thought, why not spread the word and create a demand, possibly helping spread less germs in 2015.

I would buy them, would you?

Images via FastCo Exist

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