Resolutions: Get Organized

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It’s January, so you know what that means? The gyms will be packed, fresh produce will be flying off shelves and doorways will be a tad less smokey.

Will you be making any resolutions this year?

The reality is that most Canadians will be, and although a sad percentage of those resolutions won’t make it to February, I for one will always remain optimistic that change is possible. This year my one and only resolution – live happier and healthier. Vague I know, but that is that point. Overall I want to be healthier, fitter, stronger and in general, live a more balanced lifestyle with plenty of laughter and far less stress.

So, my first tip on this road to overall wellness – get organized! Start by de-cluttering your life and putting everything in its place. You’ll feel a lot better when you remove all excess from your life, and the reality is, we need far less than we think. Try starting with the “basics,” (I put that in quotes because basics are different for everyone). Here are a few ways to organize some of my basics, so they’ll take up far less room in my life in 2015.
ORG travelThis is Ground Mod Leather Travel Case, Patron Saint

ORG shoesShoe Organizer, Vinçon

ORG makeupWood Countertop Cosmetic Makeup/Brush Organizer by LessandMore, Etsy

ORG purseFelt Hand Bag/Cosmetic Bag Organizer by Top Home, Etsy

ORG cables

Umbra Talk Bubble cable Management, IQ Living

ORG iron holderPolder Hot Sleeve Curling-Flat Iron Storage, Kitchen Stuff Plus

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