Alexander Wang Tries Hand at Furniture Line

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Is it true? According to The Wall Street Journal it is!

Only a year since taking the helm at Balenciaga, Alexander Wang is trying his hand at furniture design with a three-piece collection for the Italian brand Poltrona Frau to be released in February.

And why not? It’s not like Balenciaga, running his own label, launching a line of ready-to-wear denim and collaborating with mainstream powerhouse brands such as H&M, would keep his schedule that busy, right?! {sarcasm, in case you didn’t catch it}

I for one applaud him for two reasons: (1) I love his designs and can appreciate his cult following (minus ever wanting to wear a hat that slaps a Wang on my head). (2) Anyone who’s continuously looking at evolving themselves and their brand understands getting to the top is hard, but staying top of mind with consumers is harder and warrants fresh thinking.

“Over the last 10 years, furniture is where my interest has really evolved,” the 30-year-old designer told WSJ. “When I started working in fashion, I always had an idea of an environment in my head, but how to actualize it, and what the references meant, that’s new.”

“For me, design always has to stem from a place of integrity—and a genuine interest in something that I would want for myself or would be excited by,” he added. “But at the same time, I like to reappropriate things so there’s a sense of irony. How do we take it from what we know to something that feels more extreme—very extreme, sometimes?”

And, he definitely takes “from what we know,” re-imaging dorm staples like a beanbag chair for instance in is signature minimalist-luxe aesthetic.

Wang’s three-piece collection includes two, nine legged brass-footed bean bag chairs (the leather option is shown in photo) each priced at $8,800 and a shagreen bar cabinet ($18,500).


Image courtesy of WSJ Magazine

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