Mommy Must-Have: Buckdana

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I don’t typically post about about my son, but I thought this might help other moms out there in the same boat.

Despite the frigid temperatures as of late (which are only going to go up), my three-year-old won’t wear a scarf – ever! Which is clearly evident by his red, chapped cheeks and lips everyday when I pink him up from school. Hats, gloves – no problem, but a scarf, no way. Which is strange, because he loves wearing bow ties, so having something around his neck can’t be the issue.

So, I was introduced to Buckdana – a winter accessory that would please me and his tiny, yet very opinionated fashion sense.

Plus, he calls himself a buckaroo when he wears his, so that’s well worth it in itself.

Buckdana is 3 warmers in 1! A cozy neck warmer, face warmer or head kerchief. It’s lined with the supper soft fleece, and you’ll love this – made from 100% recycled fibers and made in Canada.

The story behind Buckdana

I love product with a back story, so where did it all begin? We’ll, from necessity of course. As they say, all great ideas come from a need don’t they?! A company that stemmed from a case of lost mittens, GTA moms Jessica Buckley and Aimee Cook, were frustrated with constantly searching for their children’s missing gloves. They created Buck & Cook, a line of outdoor clothing designed to combat the cold (and missing mittens) as a solution.

Here are some additional fun prints it comes in:

bucdana4 buckdana2 buckdana3

* This product was submitted for review/editorial consideration. All opinions expressed are my own.

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