Month: March 2015

Going Gaga For Green

I’m the last person to ever give up leather, and I’m not even going there. But wouldn’t it be nice to: find a product as supple, durable as leather and eco conscious; not have to worry about what harmful effects are being emitted from WiFI; […]

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Spring is in Bloom

It’s officially spring (all though it doesn’t totally feel like it), but let’s celebrate anyway. Pack away the funky knits and fur trimmed parka. Kick off those boots and slap on a pair of slip-ons. Maybe, just maybe, it’s simply a case of “if we […]

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SHOP: I Dream of Sun and Sunnies

If you dream it, it will come. And I’m dreaming of sunshine and warm weather. But until my thoughts become reality and I can slip into my favourite sandals, I turn to my other favourite accessory; one that is not as fickle as┬áthe weather and […]

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