Introducing Andrew Richard Designs 2015 Collections

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Yesterday I got a glimmer of sunshine and a hint of a warm breeze. Will it stay? Will it go? I’ve lived here way to long to waste my time with these types of questions, so instead I do what every other Canadian does around this time of year – pray for a super hot summer with minimal smog alerts and rainy weekends.

Like everyone (on the planet, but especially in Canada) as soon as I get a hint of a summer breeze, I’m moving my shit outdoors and won’t be back inside until October if I’m lucky.

So, the news of Andrew Richard Designs 2015 collections couldn’t have come at a better time. Known as the outdoor entertaining expert, Andrew Bockner’s pieces are the perfect mix of outside-durability meets interior design chic. I have one of his sets and I love how it has brought together my outdoor space to feel like an outdoor version of my interior. Although, my living room is a tad jealous now.

The new Origin and Baya collections, which originally debuted at the 2015 Interior Design Show, embody “the authen-TEAK trend focusing on natural wooden elements infused with a modern design aesthetic.”

The Origin Collection weaves the rugged, weathered look of reclaimed teak with the stainless steel – a perfect marriage of shabby chic and country farmhouse trends. For the straight out of the forest look, Andrew’s Baya Collection is made from live edge teak, which is reclaimed from salvaged trees.

Hope this has inspired you to create a space outdoors your living room will be jealous of too!


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