COVET: Canvas-ing The Neighbourhood

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I’ve found it, the perfect everywhere, anytime, weekend shoe!

At the park with my son. Out for a long walk. Running errands… You get the point.

I have a pair of Blundstones, my winter warriors I call them – durable and oh so comfortable. But, once the hotter weather rolls into town, they tend to go to the back of my closet with my oversize wool sweaters, not to return until the winds of September roll back around.

On my weekends I’m a 100% mom-on-the-go and need a shoe that’s breathable, cute and keeps up with an almost four-year-old’s adventures – too much of a tall order? I’ve always loved the pull-on, kick-off mantra of Blundstones (and if you have a pre-schooler you’ll understand how important that is for keeping the outdoors out of your home) but wanted something lighter weight for spring.

That’s why I was so excited that Blundstone released the no-socks-needed Canvas Collection for spring 2015, an ideal addition to my shoe closet.

IMG_20150403_141013 2

Totally lightweight, breathable, functional and cute, I started wearing mine as soon as we hit our first double digit temperature and haven’t worn anything else every weekend since.

We don’t get a whole lot of it, so when spring and summer hit, I like to let my toes out to breathe. Also, I should explain I’m not a huge flip flop girl, nor do I enjoy running around the sand lot park in sandals (sand between my toes is only reserved for the beach).

Functional and fashionable – a combo I love, and this shoe hits all the right notes!

(My son just had to join in on the photo fun)

(My son just had to join in on the photo fun)



* This product was submitted for review/editorial consideration. All opinions expressed are my own.

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