Meet Hydaway; The Next Generation In Portable Hydration

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Torontians alone consume an estimated 100 million plastic bottles a year, of which 35% are not recycled*. So many plastic bottles are still ending up in landfills, or worse, as litter in forests, lakes and oceans.

It is this type of wrong, that motivated Niki Singlaub to create the HYDAWAY collapsible bottle.

The perfect solution to the plastic water bottle problem facing our environment, everyone from travellers to active weekend warriors and even the family-on-the-go will want one. I want one in every colour!

Available in two sizes (12 oz and 21 oz), this impeccably designed find is collapsible (folding down to 1¼ inch), watertight, dishwasher safe, certified safe and BPA-free, taste and odour-free and it has a built in carrying handle.

This is the ultimate companion for ANY scenario! The only catch- it’s not available yet.

HYDAWAY began as an idea in June of 2012, and after its development, the Kickstarter campaign was launched this April and will end Friday. Want more info and feel like doing a bit of pre-shopping? Visit: or Kickstarter.



* source: CBC News

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