Stock Up On Environmentally Friendly School Supplies

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Can you hear that? It’s the buzz of back to school, and it’s in the air.

Talk is all about school bags and school supplies, and even the fear of how to stay creative and get kids excited about their school lunches.

For me, this is an exceptionally exciting time, because this September will be my son’s first, first day of school.

In the midst of preparing lunch ideas, labelling – everything! and school bag shopping, I came across a line of affordable and colourful school supplies, and get this – they are made from recovered waste and totally cute.

Available exclusively at Walmart, R3VOLVED uses 100% recycled materials to make its products and packaging. Featuring sharpeners, erasers, pencil cases, rulers and writing instruments, all products are designed with unique icons on them which details the recovered materials that have gone into each item.r3volved_2

Fact: Globally, over 6,000 plastic bottles are manufactured every second of every day1, while less than 10% of plastics are reclaimed.

Fact: Using recycled plastic materials results in a savings of 50-60% of the energy required to make the identical products from virgin materials.

Fact: If people aren’t buying recycled products, the global pollution problem will continue to threaten the planet.

Unfortunately, many environmentally preferable products can come with price points that are substantially more than those of traditional products, making green choices difficult for the average person to make. But, through their partnership with Walmart, R3VOLVED is making greener alternatives more affordable with products starting at $2.

R3VOLVED-R3VOLVED Diverts 300,000+ Plastic Bottles from Landfills


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