Introducing GapKids x ED

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Did you hear? GapKids has partnered with ED, Ellen Degeneres’ new lifestyle brand to launch GapKids x ED, a limited edition 70-piece apparel collection and campaign that encourages girls everywhere to be themselves, do what makes them happy and take pride in who they are.

I love it!

Now available  in more than 25 markets around the world, the collection and campaign revolves around individualism and the liberation that comes from confidently being your most authentic self; something comedian, talk show host, producer, writer and actress, Ellen DeGeneres deeply shares.

“The GapKids x ED campaign features six young girls who have excelled at skateboarding, drumming, robotics and entrepreneurialism, by being true to themselves, regardless of naysayers or outdated stereotypes. These girls, Alexey, Relz, Ryann, Bellatreas, Torrae and Asia, ranging in age from 7 to 12, star in the anthem film and campaign images which all provoke a feeling of strength, empowerment and pure enjoyment.”

The campaign celebrates girls of all talents for being who they are, a message I am happy to spread.



As part of the campaign, Gap is aiming to create an environment of positive social engagement. Using the hashtag #heyworld followed by a name, a girl’s friend, mother, father or mentor can issue a call to action for social messages of encouragement and love to any girl in need of positive support, cheering her on through the power of positive words.

The GapKids x ED collection offers Gap staples, but with an impactful twist, for girls and a selection for boys and adults as well. The collection prominently features two pieces of iconography: the lightning bolt, a symbol of empowerment; and the speech bubble, a symbol of self-expression. The collection also encourages kids to express themselves with self-customizable clothing and accessories that they can decorate freely using fabric, chalk markers or a variety of iron-on patches.

Check out a few pieces from the collection below:


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