Have You Met Sonder Mill?

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Have you met Sonder Mill? No? If you love great design you should.

Let me introduce you, you’ll thank me later.

Sonder Mill is an online marketplace for premium handmade goods, dedicated to original artisanal products for the modern home.

To say they’ve curated the best of the best would be an understatement. Somehow they have managed to assemble the coolest pieces – from handcrafted and reclaimed home décor to wooden fashion accessories and everything in between. Think I set the bar high, well I don’t think I set the bar high enough. It’s the best Etsy alternative for handmade products.

When making a purchase on Sonder Mill, you are buying art and supporting a small independent. What’s event better, all items are uniquely handcrafted and made to order, so you will be getting something that you can actually tell people is one of a kind.

I recommend you check them out, but in the interim, here are a few finds I’m coveting:

SM_1 SM_3SM_4

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