My Custom Clutch; Meet The Shoppery

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I have wanted an oversize clutch for ages. Like Goldilocks, they were either to small or the colour was off. None were “just right.”

I’ve looked and looked but never found one I wanted to invest in, until…I met The Shoppery at a recent Craftadian Show – a show that showcases, supports and promotes Canadian artists, artisans and designers. And you know I’m a sucker for local.

I got to talking with Bryan and Stef (the awesome couple behind The Shoppery) and they proposed an offer I simply couldn’t refuse. A clutch made exactly the way I wanted – and I mean exact, right down to the tan of the leather to the stitching.

I even got a step-by-step, behind the scene of my new clutch (which I proudly and excitedly wore on my arm at Toronto Fashion Week this fall) – take a look:


Interested in meeting The Shoppery and more than 100 other local artists and designers? Come by the 11th Craftadian Show – Saturday, December 5 & Sunday, December 6 at the Hamilton Convention Centre. If you do, stop by the media office and say “hi!”


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