Stick a Sock in it: Quirky & Cute Stocking Stuffers

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Last, but not least – stocking stuffers!

It’s a few days until Christmas, and although you may be done your holiday shopping, what about your stockings?

What defines a stocking stuffer you ask, other than it fitting in a stocking?! I figured I’d create my own definition, after all, they are pretty important in the grand scheme, holiday checklist of things. I say they are little, bite sized and mini things that are adorable to look at and serve a purpose.

Now, what that purpose is, is  up to you. When I picked out my stocking stuffer finds, my criteria was each item had to answer one of three questions: (1) is it useful, or will it make someone say “well that’s clever?” (2) Will it make the receiver smile? (3) Would I like to receive it? 🙂

This is what I came up with:

stocking stuffers

  1. Vive Le Color! Vitality Color Therapy Kit, Indigo $14.99
  2. Clug Clip Hanging Bike Rack, Dwell Store $20
  3. Toronto City Trivet (pot holder), Spacing Store $40
  4. Molla Space USB Flash Drive, ALL Modern $39.99
  5. MoMA Ramen Fork/Spoon, Drake General Store $26
  6. Where Chefs Eat (2nd edition), Drake General Store $26.95
  7. Smartphone Projector, Urban Outfitters $28
  8. Mule Mug – Gunmetal, Indigo $15
  9. Use Me Laptop Tool Kit, Red, HOUZZ $15
  10. USB-Powered Robo Bladeless Fan With Light, HOUZZ $19.35
  11. Toronto Highway Socks, Labour of Love $20
  12. Critter Skittles Bowling Game, Drake General Store $39
  13. Ball of Whacks, MoMA Store $35

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