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January may be almost over, but that’s when the real changes begin. Come New Year everyone is making huge resolutions. Everyone has an epiphany in January don’t they?!

My guess is within the first six days of making a resolution at least half are broken; by six weeks (hah) lucky if 10 per cent are still alive and kicking. Sorry, I don’t mean to be negative. I actually really believe people want to make positive changes, but I don’t believe those changes need to happen on January 1st. In fact, I think New Year’s resolutions but added pressure and stress on a person and are designed to fail.

If you really want change why not start February 16 or September 9 for that matter (arbitrary dates)? Those months are just as good to change in and make personal improvements – why, no?!

Today, January 20th, I choose to change.  I will better myself by better managing my time. I’m notorious for double booking, forgetting events … So, here are a few fabulous looking calendars and planners to help me – go a little old school – and plan my life a little better and in style. Who knows, a lot a small steps are always better than big leaps, maybe this will lead to a domino effect of positive change for me. But for now I’ll stick to time management.  😉


Desktop Perpetual Calendar, 1 Canoe 2


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