September is the New January

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Healthy Living, Lifestyle, Running

It’s interesting that the last post prior to my impromptu, temporary hiatus revolved around fitness attire. Since that summer post there have been several changes in my life, and a very busy schedule that has prevented me from doing much outside of work and family – especially work out.

But like so many other parents, I’m using September as a reset. Like January, a time when New Year’s resolutions run rampant, September is the perfect time to re-organize and set goals for positive change. Schedules, routines and even rules go out the window as soon as summer break begins. Come September, everything starts up again – from remember bed time routines to re-starting the habit of packing healthy-ish lunches.

When my five-year-old got re-acquainted with good habits before going back to school, so did I.

I’ve been down on myself for a while for letting myself simply cruise through life as of late. Things such as: not even trying anymore to lose that extra bit of “baby” weight, not running as regularly as I should and not picking up a book and taking some time for myself in what feels like forever.

So, when the school year started to near I was more excited than may kid for the new year ahead, and a well-deserved RESET. I’ve lost 20 pounds, started running again whenever I could, and once and a while I even take a few minutes for myself to do WHATEVER I want.

That’s my fresh start and that’s ok. We all deserve a reset once and a while. Cut yourself some slack and reset if you need to. No one needs to know but you!

Stay tuned for more details on some of the things that have helped me RESEST my mind, body and soul …


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