Stylish Storage in Disguise

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Just because you have 1 million little things, doesn’t mean you have to see them all, all the time.

If you’ve anything like my family, there always seems to be an excess of things – from school documents and old banks receipts to magazines piling up, and everything in between. Plus, I don’t know about you, but everything seems to make its way to our kitchen counter. Piling up, and up until you can’t even see the granite anymore.

And, it only takes one tiny thing left out to become that giant mound – multiplying faster than you realize. It is so easy for mess to just happen. It seems to almost appear out of nowhere and quickly go from zero to unmanageable in seconds.

To maintain some sort of semblance of organization, here are a few super stylish décor pieces to help you make the saying “a place for everything and everything in its place,” come true.


Phold Silicone Storage Container designed by Shane Schneck, Dwell $16


Folder, Concrete Magazine Rack by Lyon Beton, Gessato $145


Stone + Anthracite MOBILHOME, BRIKA $125


Sticks 5-Hook Wall Rack in Espresso, HOUZZ $37.79



Floating Magazine Rack in Walnut, HOUZZ $56



Aspen Magazine Rack in Birch Bent Plywood, Etsy $161.75



Original Beauty Station Organizer/Docking Station by Iskelter, Sonder Mill $124.77


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