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Seven Picks From IKEA’s New Catalogue

IKEA Canada announced that the new 2016 IKEA catalogue will be mailed out to consumers within IKEA store markets starting Monday, August 10th. Is it sad that that excites me? Admit it, I’m not alone. When that catalogue hits your doorstep your life is on […]

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New Years Matcha Challenge

January 1st is almost upon us, and with that date comes a heap of responsibility. So many Canadians will be re-examining‎ their lives and re-evaluating  (or should I say scrutinizing) the past year at-a-glance. Did I take the stairs over the elevator when I could? […]


Toronto in 7 Hidden Bites

Food is often the tie that binds us, and Toronto has found the way to my heart – through my stomach! There’s just the right amount of options to please. And being so culturally diverse, good quality ethic treats are usually close by. But it’s […]

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