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Going Gaga For Green

I’m the last person to ever give up leather, and I’m not even going there. But wouldn’t it be nice to: find a product as supple, durable as leather and eco conscious; not have to worry about what harmful effects are being emitted from WiFI; […]

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It’s Fashionable to be Sanitary

According to Fast Co. EXIST, only about 5% of Americans actually wash their hands long enough to kill bacteria—and that’s after using a public restroom. It’s possible even fewer people wash well after riding the bus or subway. If you are as grossed out as […]

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New Years Matcha Challenge

January 1st is almost upon us, and with that date comes a heap of responsibility. So many Canadians will be re-examining‎ their lives and re-evaluating  (or should I say scrutinizing) the past year at-a-glance. Did I take the stairs over the elevator when I could? […]


A Gift Guide For Everyone Else

Then finally, there is that list of individuals, you know which one. The one with people on it that say things like, “I already have everything I need,” or the one that includes the hardest to shop for office Kris Kringle. Other than the Techie […]

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A Gift Guide For The Host

Let the the dinner parties, pot lucks and visits begin. The holidays are all about family, friends, love and laughter, because isn’t that really what it is all about? Feel free to check yes on all your invites this season and here are a few […]

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A Gift Guide For Littles

There are so many directions you can take when checking off those little ones from your shopping list. Do I get clothes the parents will appreciate and risk the dreaded sourpuss face? Or do I get a loud, possibly bordering on obnoxious toy the wee […]

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A Gift Guide For Her

When she tells you “it’s the thought that counts,” what she really means is please put some thought into gifting. It’s that simple. When you really think about it, the reality is ladies aren’t as hard to shop for as you think (a-hem gentlemen). Gifting, […]

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A Gift Guide For Him

It’s gift guide time! In the next few posts, you’ll see gift ideas for everyone on your holiday shopping list – from the wee ones, to your bestie and everyone in between. First up, I thought I’d do something a tad different by focusing on […]

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