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Stylish Storage in Disguise

Just because you have 1 million little things, doesn’t mean you have to see them all, all the time. If you’ve anything like my family, there always seems to be an excess of things – from school documents and old banks receipts to magazines piling […]

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Mark That Date

January may be almost over, but that’s when the real changes begin. Come New Year everyone is making huge resolutions. Everyone has an epiphany in January don’t they?! My guess is within the first six days of making a resolution at least half are broken; […]

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Crafting Makes Perfect

I have now officially joined the 88% of Canadian consumers* that think independent retailers outperform the big guys when it comes to local and artisanal products. Don’t misunderstand me, my fondness for e-shopping (the one I developed post-baby, when in-store shopping experiences meant him pulling everything within […]

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Resolutions: Get Organized

It’s January, so you know what that means? The gyms will be packed, fresh produce will be flying off shelves and doorways will be a tad less smokey. Will you be making any resolutions this year? The reality is that most Canadians will be, and […]

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A Gift Guide For Everyone Else

Then finally, there is that list of individuals, you know which one. The one with people on it that say things like, “I already have everything I need,” or the one that includes the hardest to shop for office Kris Kringle. Other than the Techie […]

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OBSESSED: It Smells Like Canada

I first came across this fabulous brand online via chapters/Indigo. Have you seen their products? Or should I say smelled them? I’ve never cared much one way or they other about scented candles, but Smells Like Canada has changed that. (Heads up to my friends […]

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