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Gift Guide: For The Design Lover

Next up, a gift guide for the lover of design, or more so of anything and everything pretty. From clean lines to mixed mediums, and always unique, these design-inspired finds all have one thing in common – the person receiving them will love to look […]

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Colouring Isn’t Just For Kids

I would like to take this time to confess something. I’m a closet colour-er and I finally need to acknowledge that. Recently, I found out I’m not alone. After reading an article explaining how relaxing this activity can be for adults, I started to take […]

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Hauntingly Awesome Décor Finds

Join me as I get into the Halloween spirit (my favourite holiday by the way), but not in the traditional sense. Decorating for the holidays doesn’t have to mean pumpkins, cobwebs and soon tiny elves and glitter. There is a way to decorate for the […]

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